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Snovitra Power 100mg- Medicine That Can Provide You The Lost Sexual Satisfaction

  • Talking of sexual satisfaction, then it is noticed that most of the couples around the world are facing a huge urge of dissatisfaction. Earlier, very few people were facing this issue, but according to the recent stats number of couples is increasing. Mostly this issue is reported among those people who are pursuing jobs and have to deal with a lot at one time. Moreover, most of the time, they are living in stressed situations due to which they are unable to take care of their health.
  • Due to the stress issues, the body also reacts and shows a counteraction by releasing a material known as PDE. The material always ensures that when the body is under stress, then the flow of blood remains consistent so that there are no chances of harming the pumping organ, But this PDE also attaches with the veins that are carrying blood to the penis. Due to this, males start suffering from a disease known as erectile dysfunction. In detail, if we talk of this ED, then it is a male disorder in which two main issues happens in the sexual organ. The first one is that it is unable to erect properly, and one notices softer erections. The other issue is premature ejaculation. A person’s stamina will decrease, and they won’t be able to hold their erection and ejaculate.
  • Every person out there knows that what are possible treatments that are either they can take care of their body or take help of allopathic medicines. The first one is meagerly possible; that is why people start opting for the second option. One medicine that many doctors are prescribing is Snovitra Power 100 mg. The medicine is special due to its dual composition of salts. The first one is Vardenafil ( the concentration of this material in every tablet is 40 mg), and the second is Dapoxetine (the concentration of this salt is 60 mg). Both the salts combined helps in providing relief from ED and increases sexual satisfaction. To know medicine details, you should keep reading.

Snovitra Super Power

Snovitra Power 100mg Uses

  • The sole use of the medicine Snovitra Power 100 mg is to treat the issues of erectile dysfunction that people are facing. Due to this issue, the libido level also decreases. So when the medicine is treating one issue, then the second issue of libido levels gets resolved automatically. If we talk in short, then this medicine is the key to the happiness and sexual satisfaction of the person. Within an hour, your penis is going to erect harder than ever.

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How does Snovitra Power 100mg work?

  • Medicine is working in a way that is different from other medicines that are available in the world. In this medicine, there are two salts that are focusing on two different issues that are caused by erectile dysfunction. The first salt that is Vardenafil, is used for getting rid of erection issues. As this salt enters the body, then it gets attached to the PDE and stops its functioning. This means that all the veins carrying blood to the penis get back to normal size, and the erection is better than normal.
  • The next salt is Depoxetine, the task of which is to get rid of the premature ejaculation issues. The medicine is going to maintain the erection and does not allow the blood to come out of the penis with the help of activating a material known as cGMP. When a person gets a proper erection due to the medicine, then they are going to notice that they also feel the urge to have sex means that the level of libido gets back to normal.

Snovitra Power 100mg cost

  • The cost of the medicine Snovitra Power 100 mg is $45 for a set of 30 tablets. If you increase the quantity of the medicine, then you will notice that the pricing will get low. That is why you should try to buy medicine in more quantity if you are looking to consume it for a longer period of time.

How should Snovitra Power 100mg be used?

Medicine should be used in a proper manner if you want it to work properly. The guidelines that are laid for the medicine are discussed below in detail.

  • When you consume the medicine, then you have to follow the rule of not chewing, biting, or breaking the medicine.
  • You can take medicine with or without food. Just remember to take it as a whole with a glassful of water. Also, when you take food, then you should take light fat-free food only.
  • Medicine takes around 40-50 minutes to show its action when aroused along with taking medicine. That is why you should take it for around one hour.
  • If you don’t want to consume the medicine, then it is fine as you can skip it.


  • The dose of medicine that one should consume every day is around one if the person is at the initial level of ED. But if you are suffering from ED for a longer period now and it has turned into some serious issue, then you must take the doctor’s advice as they may advise you with more than one dose in a day.


  • One should remember that if they consume medicine more than advised, then their body is going to get affected hugely. That is why you should never consume it intentionally and if taken by mistake, then contact the physician as soon as possible.

Missed Dose

  • When you miss the dose of the medicine, then it is completely fine. Many people miss it when not willing to have sex. But they can make up for the medicine with the 12 hours rule. If this much time is left for the next dose, then medicine can be consumed; otherwise, you have to miss it.

Snovitra Power 100mg over the counter

  • Medicine buying should be done by a proper process in which you have to consult your physician at first. They will listen to the issue that you are facing and, according to that, will suggest you with medicine through prescription. You can show it to buy the medicine. Directly approaching the store will not help you get the medicine.

What Snovitra Power 100mg Precautions need to take?

  • Allergies and past medical history should be discussed with the physician whenever you pay them a visit. Telling this to physicians is important as they want to ensure your safety.
  • Driving after medicine should be avoided due to the side effects.
  • Medicine storage should be done properly and kept away from pets and children.
  • When you take medicine, then remember to engage in arousing activities for a better erection.

Snovitra Power 100mg interactions

  • Alcoholic drinks should not be taken at any cost when you are consuming Snovitra Power 100 mg.
  • Drugs and tobacco can affect the medicine working, so avoid them.
  • Never ever consume the medicine with nitrate salts. This can be dangerous.

Snovitra Power 100mg Side Effects

  • Headache is very common when a person is consuming Snovitra Power 100 mg. This can often happen with nausea and vomiting.
  • Your nose may feel running most of the time due to consuming the medicine.
  • You will feel blurred vision when you are consuming the medicine due to cloudiness in front of your eyes.
  • Muscles of a person may start paining when consuming medicine due to stiffness.
  • You will surely feel a change in your sleep cycle and also restlessness.
  • The stomach may sometimes have pain which can also cause diarrhea.
  • Sometimes the penis may erect for longer than expected. This can be painful and cause major irritation.


Is Snovitra Power 100mg taken daily?

  • Yes, the medicine is designed in a way that you are required to take it every day in order to gain proper satisfaction in the sexual life you miss.

How long should you take Snovitra Power 100mg?

  • You should take the medicine Snovitra Power 100 mg for as long as you are willing to have a sexual life. When you feel that your sexual life is about to end, then you can also stop consuming the medicine.

How should Snovitra Power 100mg be stored?

  • The medicine should be stored in dry places which are cool. The ideal temperature is room temperature and should not be in direct touch with sunlight. Also, it should be out of your pet’s and children’s reach.

Can I drive if I have consumed Snovitra Power 100mg Tablet?

  • No, you should not drive, and the reason behind this is the side effect of the medicine on the eyes.


Active Ingredient



Erectile Dysfunction


RSM Enterprises


10 tablets in 1 strip


Vardenafil (40mg) + Dapoxetine (60mg)

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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