Nizagara 100mg

Nizagara is a medication used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in a male body. This drug contains Sildenafil Citrate that is widely famous for treating ED. Unfortunately, men from all over the world face sexual problems, and because of that, they are unable to have comfortable and satisfactory intercourse with their partners. The technical term used for a weak erection is Erectile Dysfunction. However, it is also known as impotence. 

ED affects a person’s life by reducing his sexual intimacy power; thus, it ends up making a bad relationship with a partner, which degrades a man’s confidence. However, many treatments are launched to treat Erectile Dysfunction, and Nizagara 100mg is one of them. 

Nizagara 100mg not only contains Sildenafil Citrate but also has some vitamins and minerals to give strength to men’s bodies. The active agent, Sildenafil, fights with the erection issue and allows a male to enjoy intercourse with his partner. Sildenafil also helps in blood circulation, as it opens the nerves of the penis and lets the blood flow to its fullest so that a person will not face any issue with Erections. 

What is Nizagara 100 Mg used for? 

Nizagara 100mg is beneficial for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence problem in males. Erectile dysfunction appears when a man cannot perform sexual intercourse because of a lack of erections. Suppose it is your first time taking this dose. In that case, we will recommend you have a doctor’s prescription because lower dosages like Nizagara 25mg or Nizagara 50mg are also available in the market. 

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What Is Nizagara 100 Mg used to treat? 

Nizagara is one of the most effective medicines ever to be found to treat Erectile Dysfunction. People suffering from ED means facing problems in Erections; they cannot perform sexual intercourse with their partner, which is why this medicine is used to improve your sexual intimacy. This drug works by circulating the blood in penis cells, and when the blood enters, the muscles start relaxing, and the moment it happens, the more comfortable you feel in performing intercourse with your partner. 

How Does a Nizagara 100mg Tablet Work? 

The main component that deals with erectile dysfunction in men is Sildenafil Citrate. It has a PDE stopper present in it that helps the blood flow more frequently than before. It relaxes the muscles of the penile and widens the vessels. This process causes better circulation of blood in your entire body. Nizagara 100mg tablet  


The Dosage of Nizagara is the same as any other Erectile Dysfunction medication. However, we will still prefer you to take the doctor’s prescription instead of taking medicine online. It is always better to visit the doctor if you are suffering from ED because a doctor can inform you better about your Dosage as per your medical treatments and body type. 

One medication a day is what we prefer. However, it is advised to initiate taking medicine of less MG, which is less than that of less. The Dosage will increase as per your body type or if you have failed to treat ED from the former dose. 

Missed Dose 

Make sure you don’t miss any dose of Nizagara 100mg. Skipping the medication may lead to no productivity in your body, and no result will appear. In addition, missing any of the amounts daily may affect your sexual intercourse with your partner. Thus, it is essential not to miss or skip any dosage.

Moreover, if you have missed the Dosage, make sure to take it before the next dosage turn comes. If you forgot to take it, do not overdose on the previous medication with the present dose as it may lead to some severe consequences. 


Nizagara 100mg must be taken as per the doctor’s guidance. Overdosing the drug may lead to some severe consequences. If the suggested Dosage is not working and failing in Erections, kindly visit your doctor. Do not try to overdose! Overdosing will affect your health and penis. 

If you are feeling dizzy, difficult to breathe, or blood from your urine is coming out. We strongly suggest you immediately contact the doctor. 

How to Take Nizagara 100mg Tablets? 

Nizagara 100mg should be taken with water. One pill a day will show good results only if you are taking your medications regularly. If you want to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner, take this pill an hour before, as Sildenafil will show its results more quickly. 

Remember to swallow the medicine instead of crushing or breaking it. Take it after having a meal, do not take the medication on an empty stomach. 

Can I Buy Nizagara 100mg Drug Online? 

Yes, it is available online on websites, but we strongly recommend you to have a word with your doctor before taking any action about the Nizagara 100mg. Many online sites don’t give you medicine without a doctor’s prescription. 

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For more information, many pharmacy sites have consultations with doctors at the same time. This feature of those websites will help you to have an immediate response from a doctor. Hence, you are ready to buy your medicine online with a doctor’s prescription. 


You should take care of several precautions before taking medicine. A few of the precautions are mentioned below: 

  • Ensure storing medicine in a dry or cold place.
  • Go on the treatment only after having a word with the doctor. Don’t buy medicine without a doctor’s prescription. 
  • If you are already on ongoing treatment of something, like cardiac diseases, diabetes, or any other illness, inform your doctor about it. 
  • Nizagara 100mg tends to react with only specific fruit juices; it’s better if you swallow it with water. 
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to take medicine in any case. Please consult your doctor. 


  • Females are not allowed to take medicine without a doctor’s consultation. 
  • It is strictly prohibited for underage kids. 
  • Avoid taking medicine if you have kidney failure. 
  • In case you have Crescent Cell anemia. 
  • The medicine should not be taken with drinks that contain nitrates. 
  • Try not to crush the medicine; swallow it with water. Do not take medicine on an empty stomach. Swallow it after having your meal. 

Nizagara 100mg Tablet Side Effects

  • Blur vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Blood from urine
  • Vertigo
  • Stomach ache. 
  • Memory problems

If you are facing any of the side effects mentioned above, immediately consult your doctor.

Is Nizagara 100 mg a Safe Drug? 

Yes, it is a safe drug, only if it is taken per the doctor’s prescription. We do not recommend you take the drug without consulting your doctor as it has some serious consequences that lead to your complex health and body type.

However, if you are taking one dose daily, it is okay. But do not overdose on the medication at any risk. In case Nizagara 100mg fails to treat your Erectile Dysfunction, you can visit your doctor.

Can a Nizagara 100mg Tablet Be Used for the Rest of Your Life?

No, it cannot be used for the rest of your life. Like any other medication that treats Erectile Dysfunction, it has a shelf life of about two years. The medicine treats the ED within the given period of your treatment. If you are still facing issues while having sexual intercourse, talk to your doctor about the problem. Make sure you inform him about your other undergoing treatments. Maybe, you never know what the barrier that is not letting you have sexual intercourse is. 

How Much Nizagara 100mg Tablet Should I Take? 

One dose daily of Nizagara 100mg will be enough for you. In any case, if you are missing or skipping your doses, then do not overdose on the medication. You may let go of the amount that you have forgotten. However, the side effects of overdose like blood from urine or dizziness show off; immediately visit your doctor. 

Does Nizagara 100mg Tablet Make You High? 

No! It doesn’t make you High. It’s not your regular cocaine. When we say the drug, we mean “medication.” However, if you are referring high in context with Erection, then yes. It will widen your penile muscles and let the blood flow in its vessel. That will help your muscles to relax and your sexual intercourse to be more healthy.

Does A Nizagara 100 mg Tablet Work?

Yes, Nizagara 100mg tablets work, although some medicines contain less weightage than Nizagara 100mg. Moreover, Nizagara 100mg depends on the person’s body type. In some cases, the medication works way too quickly, and in some, it doesn’t even show any results. Most probably, the results vary from person to person. That’s why it is compulsory to take a doctor’s prescription before taking the tablets. 

Some case studies state that some people have tried taking an extra dose when the former failed in Erections, and with that, they have faced some serious consequences. Thus, even if you face failure in treating ED, do visit your doctor. However, do not overdose on the medication. 


Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


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