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It is for the awareness of visitors to the site at large that brand names listed in the ‘Item Index’ column or in various categories are intended simply as a reference. Therefore the products listed under ‘Close in structure against the branded medication in the ‘Our Brand’ section are there for understanding considerations just for the potential customer.

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This should also be stated that term ‘Our Brand’ apply to a product that will be provided by us. We can supply some other brand of a reputable firm in the event that the product within ‘Our Brand’ is also not possible. It should be stated that by listing the details of the trademarks elsewhere on this website, we really aren’t making claims about any generic drug that the relevant distributor holder may hold.

Order Acceptance and Billing Disclaimer

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Pricing Disclaimer

We do our best to give you correct details about the prices of the products on the website. Somehow there will be pricing error can be shown on the website and we have the full rights to cancel that order which falls into the pricing error on website, we will contact you and inform you about cancelation. Also we can change the pricing of the product anytime without informing.

Product Disclaimer

Although we are helping to achieve that product research is valid, companies can on occasion, change their list of ingredients or any other details relating to the material. Real product labels and components which provide further and/or various features from that seen on our website.