Zhewitra 20mg (Vardenafil)



What is Zhewitra 20?

The main ingredient of Zhewitra 20 is Vardenafil that helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil is a type 5 inhibitor that helps in increasing the concentration of cGMP in the body. It helps in relaxing the muscles that increase the flow of blood in the penis that starts erection in the penis. It is to be taken with water as it comes in oral form.  The medicine is to be taken before 60 minutes of sex.

It can be taken empty stomach. Zhewitra 20 is to be taken as guided by a doctor to you. The medicine is a very effective Cure For erectile dysfunction. It is effective for the person who has gone through prostatectomy.

How to work Zhewitra 20?

It works as a type 5 inhibitor that increases the concentration of cGMP which increases the flow of blood in the penis that starts erection during sex.  It enhances the sexual stimulation in men during intercourse.

How to take Zhewitra 20?

It is to be taken with water as it comes in oral form. Zhewitra 20 can be taken empty stomach.  It should be taken before 60 minutes of sex. The next pill should not be taken before 24 hours of taking the other pill.

What are the Dosage instructions for?

  •         Missed Dose: If a person missed taking the pill he should take it when he recalls the missing tablet. if the time for the next dose comes he should not take the missed tablet and continue taking the regular tablet. Taking two pills together causes an overdose of medicine that will adversely harm the body.
  •         Overdose: if a person took an overdose of Zhewitra 20 he should immediately visit the doctor for getting his condition treated on time to save himself from adverse effects of it.

 Zhewitra Available Different Dosage & Strength

Zhewitra 20 Tablet Side effects

A person should ask the doctor about the side effects of the medicine they are going to start to know about them clearly so that in case they see any of them they will contact a doctor for treating the condition. The side effects of Zhewitra 20 are as follows:

  •         Vision loss
  •         Chest pain
  •         Blurred vision
  •         Seizures
  •         Prolonged erection
  •         Irritation
  •         Painful erection
  •         Flushing
  •         Dizziness
  •         Heartburn
  •         Headache
  •         Nasal discharge
  •         Dyspepsia
  •         Nausea
  •         Diarrhea
  •         Skin rash
  •         Vomiting
  •         Lightheadedness
  •         Fainting
  •         Irregular heartbeat
  •         Memory loss
  •         Breathing problem
  •         Rashes

Precautions and Warning for Zhewitra 20mg Tablet

A person should be careful before start taking medicine as he should be aware of precautions or warnings related to that medicine to save himself from any adverse reaction of medicine on the body or getting the best results out of the tablet. The various precautions or warnings of Zhewitra 20 mg are as follows:

  •         Drinking of alcohol should be stopped if a person is going to take this medicine
  •         Mothers who are breastfeeding the child should not consume this as it can harm the infant
  •         Pregnant women should not take this or if it is necessary they should consult with a doctor regarding the adverse effects and results on the body
  •         A person who is suffering from heart, kidney, or liver disease should not take Zhewitra 20 mg
  •         Driving a vehicle should be avoided as it causes drowsiness in person after taking the medicine
  •         If a person is allergic to any ingredient of Zhewitra 20 mg he should talk to a doctor regarding this
  •         If a person is suffering from Priapism, stomach ulcers, eye problem, and bleeding disorders he should consult with a doctor about the issue before start consuming the medicine
  •         A person who is below the age of 18 years are not advised to take the tablet
  •         A person who is elder should take a lower dosage as compared to others
  •         If the person is taking any herbal product then they should tell the doctor about taking herbal products
  •         Smoking should be stopped by a person who is going to start consuming the tablet
  •         The medicine should not be taken without the prescription of the doctor as he can advise you of the right dosage considering your health condition, habits, and lifestyle.


Is Zhewitra 20 safe?

Yes, Zhewitra 20 is safe to be consumed by humans. The medicine should be taken with the prescription of a doctor to ensure its safety on your body because taking the right dosage is very much necessary.

Can women take Vardenafil? 

The medicine should not be used by women as it is made for men only. Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding the child should avoid taking Vardenafil as it will harm the fetus during the pregnancy and infant who is breastfeeding.

Zhewitra 20 How Long Does It last

Zhewitra 20 lasts for 4 hours after taking it. The long-lasting depends upon various factors like existing health conditions, lifestyle, and habits of a person. If these factors are favorable then it stays longer in those persons as compared to others.

Can I use Zhewitra 20mg tablets every day for the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

Yes, a person can use Zhewitra 20 mg every day for treating the erectile dysfunction issue. The timing of taking the second dose should not be less than 24 hours from the previous dose. The daily usage should be consulted with the doctor to know its effect in long-term usage.

Where to buy Zhewitra 20?

There are two possible places to buy the medicine online At Generic Meds USA. Buying online is beneficial for people as it saves their two most precious things time and cost. They don’t have to go to local stores in search of medicine nor need to bargain there here they save a lot of time by ordering online with a click.

The online medical stores provide various schemes, offers, free shipping on bulk orders that saves your cost of medicine. But they should check the authenticity of the online store by their reviews, certification to save themself from fake medicine as fake pills can harm your body adversely.


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