Viraday tablet- Medicine That Can Help You With HIV Issues

  • HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a kind of virus that is related to the immune system of the human. The virus enters the body of the person and starts the task of weakening the immune system. Now, this weakness is going to make the body a host for a number of other viruses and parasites. With time more and more diseases will become a part of the body and cause a threat to the life of a person. This condition of a person is known as AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
  • If we look at the latest stats and figures, then currently, more than 37.9 million people are living in the world who are suffering from AIDS, and this number is increasing at a very high rate. Also, the fatality rate of the virus is pretty much high. That is why scientists are constantly working to find a medicine with the help of which the lifespan of a person may increase and decrease the issues a little bit. One medicine that they have procured and which is working is Viraday tablets.
  • The medicine is present in the category of antiretroviral medicine, and the name is given after the virus that causes AIDS is a retrovirus. The medicine is a combination of three different salts that are Emtricitabine, Efavirenz, and Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. The power of these salts is 200mg, 600 mg, and 300 mg, respectively, which is very high and can help the immune system to fight the virus. Further details of the Viraday tablet are discussed below.

viraday Tabltes

Uses of viraday tablet

  • The medicine is used only for those people who are suffering from the issues of AIDS and are attacked by the HIV virus. If a person gets to know that the virus has entered their body in the earlier stages, then it may not develop into AIDS. The virus may still persist in your body. But if you come to know about it, later on, start using it at that stage, then the medicine will work on providing strength to the immune system and stop the virus from multiplication.

How to use a viraday tablet?

  • The medicine is required to be consumed orally at a fixed time. It is suggested to you that you always take medicine at the same time that is suggested to you by your physician. Medicine should be taken when your stomach is empty with water. It would be the best. Remember, while taking medicine, neither chew it nor break it into pieces. Only then is the medicine going to show some action. For this, just swallow the whole medicine at once.

How does the viraday tablet work?

  • The motive of the medicine salt is to increase the power of the immune system.  Due to this, the immune system will stop the virus from further multiplication. If the immune system gets enough viruses, then it is also possible that it can decrease the number of viruses in the body. Also, the medicine is going to boost up the amount of CD4 cells in the body. These are the technical name for the white blood cells that are going to protect your body from infection and fight against the parasite.


  • The medicine does is decided by the physician whom you are going to consult regarding your HIV issues. You are required to carry the latest reports of your issue, and seeing those reports, the physician will give you the medicine wither one dose in a day or two. Now it is your duty to ask them to fix the time of your dose for yourself.


  • The extra dose of the medicine is going to invite side effects to your body. That is why it is suggested that you should set the alarm for the medicine and take it on time. Still, if you have taken an overdose, then you must contact your physician and ask for help.

Missed Dose

  • Missing the medicine dose can give a full chance to the virus to grow, and due to this, your medicine progress becomes zero or even negative. If you miss the dose, then ask the physician regarding making up for the dose. As the medicine is linked with an empty stomach rule, you are not allowed to take it anytime.

Viraday Tablet’s Side Effects

Side effects are related to every medicine and can happen when you are consuming Viraday tablets. The strong power of medicine can also be one reason why side effects may happen.

  • A person may remain nauseous most of the time after they consume the Viraday medicine.
  • Headache can also happen to those who are consuming the medicine.
  • Some people may suffer from depression and have nightmares which can become a serious issue.
  • Drowsiness and dizziness can become a part of your normal lifestyle due to this medicine.
  • Most people face an issue in sleeping as it may not remain the same, and they feel insomnia.
  • The skin of the person may get red and have rashes most of the time.
  • Diarrhea is a situation that can happen with most of the people who are consuming Viraday medicine.

What Viraday Tablets Precautions need to take?

There are many precautionary measures that you must keep in your mind. These are:-

  • Every pregnant and breastfeeding woman should think twice before taking medicine and consult their physician. It can be a serious issue for their baby.
  • Those who have an alcohol addiction have to give it up to get results from the medicine.
  • Driving while you have consumed the medicine is never marked as safe.
  • People who have kidney and liver-related diseases need to discuss with the physician regarding medicine consumption.

Drug Interactions

  • Efavirenz can not be taken along with the Viraday tablets.
  • Medicines that are taken for improvement in renal functionality can also affect the working of Viraday.
  • If taking Viraday tablet then you must not consume protease inhibitors.
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How should I take a viraday tablet?

  • The Viraday tablet should be taken orally always that too empty stomach. It is your duty that you fix the time and take medicine as a whole without chewing orbiting it.

What is the viraday tablet used for?

  • The medicine is used by those people who are suffering from the HIV virus attack and AIDS issue. The medicine is not a cure to the disease but can save the body from some bad consequences.

How Much time is Taken By The Viraday Tablet To Work?

  • The medicine is going to take around 1 hour to dissolve its salt in the body properly. If you want to notice basic control over the issues that you have been facing, then obviously, you need to wait for a few days.

What is a viraday tablet used to treat?

  • The medicine is used to treat people who are suffering from HIV and AIDS.

When should I take Viraday?

  • The medicine should be taken without any food in your body which means that the best time to take medicine is early morning. At that time, the stomach is properly empty, and the chances of the working of the medicine are much higher than normal.

What is Viraday?

  • Viraday is an antiretroviral drug that is used against the retrovirus. The medicine is not a cure to the issue of AIDS but is used to increase the lifespan of the patient and decrease the issues caused due to HIV.

Can I buy a viraday tablet over the counter?

  • You need a prescription from a renowned doctor who is dealing in this field. The prescription will be checked, and after that, you will be given the medicine vial for consumption.

How much does a viraday tablet cost?

  • The cost of one box of medicine is around $50. The box contains 30 tablets. If you order more than one box from the online websites, then maybe you also get some promotional offers that further decrease the cost of medicine.


Active Ingredient

Tenofovir / Emtrictabine / Efavirenz


HIV infection


Cipla Ltd


30 tablets in 1 bottle

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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