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We all are very well known for the lifestyle that we are living. It is nowhere close to the perfect and healthy lifestyle. Everyone is busy meeting their deadlines and doing work due to which they are not able to maintain their body, and the most significant impact is on the sexual health of a male. They are unable to perform well with their partners as the penis doesn’t erect properly, and also, it does not last for a more extended period of time. This disease is known as erectile dysfunction.

More than 60 percent of the male around the world are suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction. Due to this, most people are running towards medicinal cures for the medicines.  Now when one starts searching for the best medicines for the treatment, then they indeed land the Vidalista 5mg. So, if you are also looking for the cure for ED and want to know more about this effective medicine, Then you should read the below-mentioned information.

About Vidalista 5mg

Vidalista 5mg is a drug having Tastylia named salt present in it. The amount of salt present is nominal that is only 5 mg, but it is very efficient for those people who are facing a little issue of ED and have noticed it in the initial stages. The salt works as a vasodilator and is present in the PDE class 5 inhibitor. PDE is a material present in the walls of veins that contracts them and slows down the flow of blood. Due to this, erection is not possible.

But when the Tastylia starts its work, then they stop the working of PDE and start acting upon the dilation of veins. As it dilates, the pressure of blood increases and the erection becomes significantly stronger. The working of the medicine depends on the dose which one is taking, like for a 5mg dose; one can expect the working duration of 3-4 hours.

Vidalista 5mg: Uses

  •         The first issue that is cured by Vidalista 5mg is erectile dysfunction.
  •         Some people also consume the medicine for Hypertension issues.
  •         Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) is one other disease that is cured by this medicine. In this disease, the prostate gland enlarges which cause issue during urination.

Vidalista 5mg: Dosage

Most of the time, the dosage of the medicine is fixed as one per day, and it is also prescribed by the manufacturers. But there are some people whose conditions are significantly worse. Such people should consult adequately with the doctor, and their dose is decided by them only. Sometimes they prescribe two medicine in a day, and then according to their condition status, they decrease to one.

Missed dose

In case a person misses their dose of Vidalista 5mg, then they should look at the clock. If the time left for the next dose is less than 12 hours, then they should jump to the next medicine, but in case the time is more than without wasting another second, one should take medicine.


The overdose of the medicine can be a typical situation as well as extreme too. It totally depends on how your body reacts to the drug. If they are responding very well, then there will be no issue, but in case the body has started showing some worse side effects, then some should contact their physician and seek help.

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How to take Vidalista 5mg?

The consumption process of Vidalista 5mg is very simple. One only has to take a glass full of water and gulp the medicine with that. But some things are needed to be taken care of while taking medicine.

  •         One should take medicine sometime before the sexual activity is about to start.
  •         The medicine can be consumed with food and without food as it is not a considerable aspect.
  •         One should avoid fatty food totally when taking medicine to enjoy exclusive benefits.

Can I buy Vidalista 5mg drug online?

Yes, there are many online dispensaries available online store Generic Meds USA that are selling Vidalista 5mg. One can order the medicine from the Generic Meds USA online website. They are going to deliver the medicine to your home and also provide you complete privacy.


Some precautions that should be followed by a person who is taking this drug are;-

  •         One should fix a time at which this drug should be consumed. The medicine can harm if the salt gets accumulated in the body.
  •         The medicine must be consumed an hour before sex, and if there is no feeling of arousal, then the chances of working of medicine are very low.
  •         Check the blood pressure of the body and see that it does not gets fluctuated.
  •         More than one tablet should not be consumed in a day.

Side Effects

  •         Headache is the most common side effect of this medicine.
  •         Nausea and dizziness are also felt in some cases.
  •         Indigestion and heartburn are sometimes felt after medicine consumption.
  •         The stomach more often gets upset.


Some warnings that should be strictly followed after a person consumes the medicines are:-

  •         The medicine should be kept out of the range of children and pets as it can harm them badly.
  •         Nitrates interact very badly with this medicine, due to which it must be ignored.
  •         People who are facing heart-related issues should not go near this medicine.
  •         Alcohol reacts with the medicine and can alter the effects of the medicine; that is why it should also be ignored while taking medicine.
  •         Smoking cigarettes or any natural product should be avoided.
  •         Driving and doing important activities after consumption of medicine should not be done.


Extra Vidalista 5mg Side Effects

Other than the normal side effects that are associated with the medicine, there are some extra side effects which only appear if the case is serious and the person overdoses with the medicines. They are:-

  •         A very long period of erection is painful and is not ready to go away.
  •         Vision starts getting blurred. Some people notice that their vision distance is changed after they have consumed the medicine.
  •         The blood pressure of a person starts decreasing, and they may also faint.
  •         One can also lose their sense of hearing for a smaller period of time.

Where to Buy Vidalista 5mg

This question has become a very prominent one, and everyone is looking for the answer from the time online dispensaries have started. They keep figuring out the differences between them and which one out of them will be the best. Amid comparing both the sources and taken reviews from people who have used both the sources, it is clear that the online source of buying Vidalista 5mg is much better than any other offline dispensaries.

The reason behind this is:-

  •         Online Pharmacy stores Generic Meds USA care a lot about the privacy of the people who buy from them. They know that people are not willing to disclose the issue that they are facing ED, due to which they have laid a strict privacy policy.
  •         The prices that online stores are offering are much competitive than the land-based dispensaries.
  •         There is a guarantee of originality of medicine and salt used in Vidalista 5mg. Many a time, offline dispensaries start selling fake medicines for the sake of earning more money.



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Erectile Dysfunction


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