Silditop 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate)



What Is Silditop 100mg?

It is a drug of choice for men who fail to achieve an erection or related issues of achieving pleasurable sexual intercourse. Silditop 100mg consists of sildenafil citrate which is a very common thing to treat all sorts of erection issues.

It provides a high-end erection and resolves all issues related to the sexual health of a man. It even helps in making a man feel better in terms of confidence when it comes to bed activity. This drug is the most commonly used and effective one amongst several other options.

It creates such an action in the body that even those men who have extreme difficulty in achieving erection get the most out of it. It gives a pleasurable experience for both partners if the erection is complete and sustained for sufficient time. Although this drug does not have any firm action on ejaculation still it makes a man come with full pleasure.

-> Silditop 100mg Uses:

  •   It is used for the purpose of attaining a complete erection for a longer duration and allowing a pleasurable sexual activity.
  •   It helps in boosting sex-related confidence in a man.

-> How does Silditop 100mg works on the body?

It is a PDE5 inhibitor and acts by dilating all the blood vessels and causing a rush of blood into the penile area. Hence, causing a complete form of erection but in the presence of sexual arousal mostly.

It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to achieve its action in the body and makes the person high and sustainable for sexual activity. It inhibits any sort of constriction in the blood vessels and allows sufficient time for the erection to exist. So in a way it resolves ED issues and allows more time for a man to complete his action especially for those who can’t sustain it for long or are not able to achieve an erection at all.

-> Silditop Dosage:

This drug is available in 50mg and 100mg dosage. However, the most prescribed one or preferred one is 100mg one. It does not have any significant side effects on the body if consumed as per instruction or guidance.

-> Missed Dose:

It is okay to consider missing a dose or even if you forgot to take it on any day. There are no after-effects of missing the dose. Taking it just helps but stopping it on any day does not make the action difficult or unachievable in any way.

-> Overdose:

It is not suggested to consume Silditop 100mg dose more than once a day. Under no circumstances this might be violated to prevent any unwanted side effects to happen.

Even if you fail to consume a pill on 1 day and recalls the next day please do not take 2 pills on the next day. Since it won’t help but instead make you more prone to side effects.

-> Warnings:

  •   It is a pill that must not be consumed with high-fat meals as it might delay or prevent its complete action.
  •   It must not be consumed with grapefruit juice or even with alcohol as it might cause some unwanted interaction and related side effects.
  •   Anyone with allergies or heart and lung disorders must consult a physician before starting with the Silditop therapy.
  •   It is best to avoid any nitrate or heart medicines along with Silditop. It is advisable to consult a physician if you are already on any medications due to any ailment.

-> More about Side Effects of Silditop 100mg:

Like any other drug this drug also has some mild to moderate side effects like-

  •   Headache, dizziness, vision issues.
  •   Stomach issues like diarrhea or pain or even nausea.
  •   Ringing in ears.
  •   Allergic reaction on skin or face, etc.

-> FAQs:

-> Can you take Silditop 100mg every day or not?

A: Yes, it is a safe drug to consume every day if you plan to go for sexual activity daily. However, there might be a minimal chance that after prolonged usage it might not show the same effects as in the beginning as the body has a chance to get immune to its action. But that might take months or years and that thing cannot be predicted with certainty.

-> How Long Does It Take for Silditop 100mg to show its effect?

A: It is advised to consume Silditop 20 to 60 minutes before indulging in sexual activity. Hence, it takes few minutes to show its action on the body and causing an erection.

-> How Long Does Silditop 100mg sustain its effects once it is consumed by a person?

A: Every medicine shows its effects for a specific duration of time once it is consumed. It usually takes some time for a body to completely metabolize the drug and expel it out from the system. For Silditop 100mg it can take from 3 hours to 6 hours and sometimes even longer. So that indicates that for that duration of time sexual activity still remains more pleasurable with the drug still being able to reach the better effects. So this drug does not give any single time pleasure. Although, the duration for which its effect might last cannot be the same in everyone and it does require sexual stimuli to show its potential effects as well.

-> Can I buy Silditop 100mg online without a prescription?

A: Yes, you may get the drug online from our portal without any prescription. Even though such drugs are prescription drugs but still many countries have got the approval to sell them online without any need for prescriptions. Not all drugs fall in this category but some of the sexual health drugs can still be obtained safely via online websites.

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Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Healing Pharma


10 tablets in 1 strip



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6 To 15 days


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