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What Is Priligy 60? All you need to know about the medicine

Have you ever heard of the issues in which a male ejaculated very early? They are not able to have their sex properly;y and for an appropriate period of time. This may lead to an increase in the levels of dissatisfaction among both partners. That is why people start to look for the reasons for these issues. They find that the main reason for this issue is stress, but one is not able to correct them.

That is why people start looking for the medicinal treatment of this issue, and the best medicine they find out for the issue is  Priligy 60. If you are also suffering from the same issue, then you should go through the information that is mentioned below in detail.

About Priligy 60

Priligy 60 is a brand name of medicine in which the active salt is dapoxetine. The medicine is a part of the SSRI family, which is also known as an ani depressant. The salt was earlier known to be an ani depressant, but when it is tried and tested, then it is found that one can also get rid of the issues of premature ejaculation. After that, it is sold in the form of Priligy 60, in which the salt content that is present in every tablet is around 60mg only. The medicine is not successful in treating depression; that is why now it is used only as a premature ejaculation treatment drug.

The medicine can remove the issues very well and works in a very less period of time which makes it an ideal medicine to resolve this issue.

How do Priligy60 works?

The working of Priligy 60 is very simple, and the only task is to increase the time that is taken by the men to ejaculate in sexual activity. The benefit of the medicine is that as the salt of Priligy 60 gets dissolved, it acts on the nervous system and helps in the release of serotonin. This serotonin is going to help in relieving the nerves in the body by sending some messages,

This is going to prolong the time of your orgasm so that you can enjoy your ex for a longer period of time. The drug is very important for males, as it is mostly considered as the point of self-esteem of them, is they don’t last for a longer period and have less stamina. Due to this, most people take medicine and help in saving the self-esteem of the person.

Can you take Priligy 60 every day?

For knowing the answer to this question, a person has to discuss their issues with the doctor. The physician, after accessing your issue, is going to suggest you the dose. The minimum dose that is prescribed to a person is one, but sometimes a person can also take two-dose if suggested by the doctor. After some time, a person can depend on one dose only for their life.

When you are taking medicine, then you must consider the following points.

  • You should always take medicine at the time that is decided by your physician. It is going to best from the results point of view.
  • The medicine can be taken with or without food also. You only have to consider a time gap between both activities.
  • The medicine, when consumed, must be in its original form of a tablet. If you ever try to change the format of that tablet, then you are going to note a depreciation in the results of that medicine. So, never chew the medicine.
  • Take the medicine with a glass full of water.

Missed Dose

If you have missed the dose by chance, then you should not take any tension about it. The medicine missing is not going to harm the cycle of treatment. But some people feel like they should have taken medicine after some time. For this, they can check the time, which by chance is more than 12 hours, then one can consume the medicine. If the time period is less, then it is better to leave the dose.


The overdose of the medicine can be harmful, which depends on how your body is going to react. If your body reacts well to the medicine, then there is no issue. On the other hand, if your body is showing some bad effects of the medicine, then you should contact the physician.


  • There are some warning signs that are issued by the manufacturer of the medicine. This is for the best interest of the consumer so that they can always stay on the safe side of medicine consumption.
  • You should always discuss all of your past medical histories with your doctor so that they can decide that the medicine is safe for you or not.
  • You are noticing blurred effects after you take medicine. That is why never do any task that requires any focus like driving.
  • Those people who are facing heart issues or issues related to the liver should not take medicine.
  • The medicine should never be consumed along with the grapefruit as it is dangerous.
  • The medicine should not be taken with alcohol. It can decrease the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • You should always get over your habits of smoking and consuming marijuana.
  • You should always stick to your medicine consumption on time.

Priligy60 Side Effects

The side effects of the medicine Priligy 60 are very mild and easily bearable. Moreover, only those people who are at the earlier stages of their medication. After that, the body of a person gets used to the medicine. After that, your body will face a very less amount of side effects.  Still, the side effects that a person will notice are:-

  •  Your body starts showing some signs of dizziness and drowsiness after you are going to consume Priligy 60.
  • some people can notice a little amount of headache also after taking medicine.
  • you may feel a bit of irritation due to medicine which can increase over time.
  • There is a bit of numbness that you are going to feel due to the medicine.
  • You may note that your body is going to sweat more than expected. Your body is going to sweat even in the resting mode.
  • Your stomach may sometimes pain after you take medicine. Sometimes you may also feel bloating and upset stomach which can cause diarrhea.
  • You may notice the problem in sleeping even though your body is tired.
  • Nasal congestion is very common after the time you take medicine.
  • Your blood pressure may change, and you may notice blurred vision and an issue in focus.
  • You may sometimes feel depressed and weak.

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How Long Does It Take for Priligy 60 To Show Its Action?

The medicine Priligy 60 is going to take around 1 hour to completely show its action. That is why it is advised to all the people that they should take medicine 1.5 to 2 hours before they are thinking of having sex. Due to this, the serotonin will be at its peak, and you are going to get over the issues of premature ejaculation.

Where can I Buy Priligy 60 Online?

There are plenty of websites that are available online for the task of buying the medicine Priligy 60. Still, there is a website named, which is proven to be the best website for buying the drug. The benefit of this website is that it is going to deliver the medicine to your doorstep, and you are going to get the best prices from the website. All you need to do is upload the medicine prescription and order one for yourself.

Are these drugs safe?

If you are a normal person, then you should know that there is no issue with you taking the medicine Priligy 60. Still, you need to check it out with the physician that the medicine is safe for you or not. For that, the only task that you should do is discuss all your issues with the physician, and then they are going to decide for you whether the drug interaction is safe or not. If a person is facing heart, liver, or kidney-related issues only then, it is not safe for a person to take medicine.


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Erectile Dysfunction


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