Kamagra Vs. Aurogra

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the significant diseases persisting in the men of today. It is a lack of erection in the penis, leading to a lack of satisfactory performance during sexual intercourse. The situation seems so normal and familiar to the ones suffering from it, but the latent consequences it brings are unmanageable.

As a result, the cases are fewer (every fifth man is going through erectile dysfunction), but the numbers are relatively high in actual terms. However, the awareness is increasing amongst people regarding the same and can maintain a healthy married life.

There could be various reasons for the emerging problem of erectile dysfunction. But some frequently impacting factors give birth to the issues of erectile dysfunction. These causes could be physical, emotional, or psychological factors—childhood injuries to some deep mental wounds. There is not a particular reason for erectile dysfunction so are various treatments.

Kamagra and Aurogra are the generic medicines used for curing the same issue- Erectile Dysfunction.

These drugs are generic medicines manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies, but the pills’ main component is the same that is Sildenafil Citrate. Sildenafil citrate has a rich and enhanced history full of transformations.

Initially, this component was used to treat hypertension and angina (diseases related to the heart).

However, the shift was observed that one of the side effects of Sildenafil citrate is, it keeps the erection of the penis for approximately 4-5 hours continuously. The effect was so powerful that the medicine is used for erectile dysfunction currently.

Kamagra and Aurogra are manufactured by two different companies named Aurochem Pharmaceuticals and Ajanta Pharma, respectively.

These two drugs (Kamagra and Aurogra) are taken care of by two entirely separate companies. For more details, have a keen look at the parents of these two different yet same medicines.

According to the above-mentioned details, it is sure that the drug refers to the same family of drugs called Sildenafil Citrate. However, we cannot distinguish between these closely knitted yet varied medicines but still have a slight dis-balance amongst them. The differences are almost negligible but even a small factor that can also impact the buyer’s purchase decision. So, we are here with the characteristics which make one other distinct and unique in its ways.

Though there are variations within these two brands, the work remains the same. The differences may lie from the parent company manufacturing these drugs, prices to the third-party reviews (public reviews). Have a closer and in-depth look at the elaborated distinguishing factors of Kamagra and Aurogra 100.

Both drugs are manufactured in India but rule across the globe. They are trusted and used in approximately 60 other nations besides Indian Market. Moreover, the medicines’ effectiveness is also admirable; they (pills) work precisely and show the bed’s best results. The user has to orally take the doses and follow the subsequent ones at a fixed interval.

If the pills are consumed as per the doctor’s directions and with the right ingredients, their outcomes are remarkable. The users should make sure that he does not take any other supplement or going through any other course of medication while undergoing the prescription of Kamagra or Aurogra 100.

The drugs are suitable for all age groups and are available in various amounts (the content of Sildenafil citrate) according to the specific patient’s requirements.

Along with curing impotence, the drugs can also be used for other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases or respiratory issues. However, the primary use of the pill is to cure men’s erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate stimulates the smooth flow of blood in each part of the body and primarily focuses upon the genital region. Which, in response, relaxes the blood vessels around the penis and lets it get erected to perform sexual intercourse.

Difference between Kamagra and Aurogra

The fundamental and most distinguishing aspect of these two drugs is the difference between the companies.

Kamagra is manufactured by Ajanta Pharma, whereas Aurogra by Aurochem Pharmaceuticals.

Kamagra work is well-defined, and they do perform the same job of curing erectile dysfunction in men.

On the other, both companies share a common characteristic: they are Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Ajanta Pharma is functional since 1973 and was the first Indian Company to have its own independent and robust research and development base. At the same time, Aurochem Pharmaceuticals has a massive export base with a count of 60 nations to which it caters.


Though the medicines are similar to each other, there are slight variations in the drugs’ costs. The differences in prices are observed in online and offline products of these two leading pharmaceutical companies. However, the prices may vary. For instance, Kamagra costs $1.50 per pill; on the contrary, Aurogra costs $1.68 each for precisely the same content of Sildenafil in the drug. It is vividly clear that the prices of Aurora pills are a bit up compared to Kamagra tablets.

Another point to favor the price differences is that these medicines are made available at different online drugstores and portals.

So, they chargers based on the feasible margins of the distributors. The minimum count of pills is 30 tablets in a single stripe which totals $107.90 for Kamagra, and the cost $120.85 for Aurogra, where the small gulf of prices on online platforms is crystal clear. Based on the provided data and prices on numerous websites, people may choose any medicine to cure the state of erectile dysfunction in men.

But Kamagra steals the customers’ deal if the person is solely evaluating and selecting the drug on the pricing line. But the loyal and heart-core user of a particular medicine would go for that only regardless of the minute price difference.

Range of products/medicines

Kamagra and Aurogra are erectile dysfunctions treating drugs manufacture by two different companies. The strategies and lines of products are independent choices and companies’ decisions based on the organization’s capacity and focus. If we look at the Range of medicines under the two major heads of these medicines, we see a bridge in that too. Keen observation reveals that Kamagra has a good list of items under its umbrella.

Whereas, Aurogra is a short drug range. Since the severity of erectile dysfunction differs from person to person subsequently, the treatment also varies. On that basis, The content of Sildenafil Citrate in these medicines is according to the need and requirements of the patients. How severe erectile dysfunction is, the drug (with a specific amount of Sildenafil Citrate) of that intensity is manufactured.

 User Reviews

Until and unless you have used a product, you cannot decide the further usage or recommend it to other people. We never make random choices. Instead, we compare and evaluate before finalizing any one product. There come the role of users’ reviews and opinions. The feedback and public judgments about the drug also help people decide the drug’s better choice for erectile dysfunction.

If we see at the Kamagra and Aurogra and glance over the reviews section, your trust would develop immediately. On the same note, Kamagra has good public reviews available at many websites, while stores of Aurogra do not have shared, independent, and word-of-mouth type reviews of the users. To a great extent, these aspects affect the buyers’ purchase-decisions and the sale of the medicine.

Besides all the above-quoted differences (which are external only) rest of everything is similar in both the drugs. 

The intake methods

Both the medicines are taken in the same manner. The proper way to use the pills is with a glass of normal water without chewing or crushing it down.


The most effective and best resulting doses of Kamagra and Aurogra are taking the entire pills in a go and before 45-60 minutes of having sexual intercourse. The effectiveness of the drugs remains in the bloodstream for a period of four to five hours. But at the same time, do remember not to miss the doses or overdose yourselves with the intensions of double effects. Take medicine in the amount and at intervals prescribed by the doctor.

Side effects

The side effects of both drugs are common and similar. The primary side-effects include headache, dizziness, or a shift in vision. Besides these frequently appearing side-effects, the medicine can even cause severe trouble to the consumer if not take with adherence to the doctor’s prescription, such as the prolonged erection of the penis, which is a very distressful phase to go through.

Precautions and warnings

Since Sildenafil Citrate is highly reactive to juice fruits, the person on the medication of either Kamagra and Aurogra should not take both things simultaneously. It can cause more repercussions than any good to the patient.
Neither drink alcohol nor smoke if you are following the prescription of either Kamagra and Aurogra.
If you had any major surgeries in your main organs such as heart, liver, or kidney, do not start the course of Kamagra and Aurogra. Such medical history can make the patient prone to heart attacks or strokes in the coming time.
These are not recommended for people under 18years of age. It can have some adverse and irreversible effects on the mechanism of the person. In extreme conditions, even the medicine may not work once the person grows up.
Women who breastfeed their babies or conceive a child (or pregnant) should not take medicine to cure cardiovascular issues.


Kamagra and Aurogra are two different solutions for the same problem of erectile dysfunction in men. However, there are minute various within these generic drugs of Sildenafil Citrate. The medical composition, functions, and capabilities of both drugs are similar; the differences lie in some external characteristics such as manufacturing companies, prices, or public reviews rest is the same.

So, we can conclude that the patients can use either of the drugs to treat erectile dysfunction as the medicinal ingredient is precisely the same- Sildenafil Citrate. Choose the best medicines from the trusted and tested websites for more reliability and better results.

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