Want to stay harder while making love with your partner? Then use Dapoxetine

If we take the opinion of the male who is probably living in their 40’s and 50’s, one of the most common health issues they face is sexual issues. Most people are unable to stay hard during their sexual intercourse with their partner, and the reason behind this can be many like stress, bad food habits, or a bad lifestyle.

No matter if a person is in their 30s, 40s, or 50s, the sexual life is always important for them, and due to this issue of staying hard and premature ejaculation, the ratio of sexual dissatisfaction starts rising. Initially, the impact of this issue will be very small, and you may not even notice that it’s happening in your body. But with time, the issues are going to increase, and you will start noticing a considerable level of difference. Now people start looking towards various treatments which can help them to get out of this issue.

But most of the treatments either take a very long time like organic ones or are risky, like getting operations done. That is why such people start looking for a solution that is fast, no matter if it is permanent or not. There is one treatment that we are here to suggest today to such people, and that is consuming the Dapoxetine tablets.

Discussing the medicine, the dapoxetine, which we are referring to here, is in Salt, which is kept in the category of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). There are many brand names under which the medicine is sold, to which Dapox is a famous one. The quantity of salt that is present in every tablet is either 30 mg or 60 mg. The decision of which salt amount is best for your issue is always taken by the physician whom you are thinking to consult regarding the issue of premature ejaculation.

Most of the people by now are looking for the details of the medicine, which they should probably know before consuming the medicine. Such people are going on every right path and should read out the information discussed below in detail.

All the Good that Dapoxetine Does:

As we have discussed, dapoxetine(Poxet 30) medicine is used for getting rid of the issues of premature ejaculation. But very few people know that medicine can also help with getting rid of the issues related to anxiety and depression. Now you must be thinking about how one single medicine can help in the treatment of two non-related issues. This happens due to the serotonin reabsorption in the brain, due to which the information flow will decrease, and the issues of both premature ejaculation and anxiety will be resolved. To know more about this, one should not miss reading the mechanism of action section of the block.

The Right Dose can Reap Benefits.

No one can see that the medicine we are discussing has great benefits and can resolve a variety of issues. But the main ingredient due to which one can enjoy these benefits is the dose of the medicine they are consuming. If the dose is higher or lower than what is expected from them, then they can notice that the results generated are not good. It is suggested to each and everyone out there that they should consult a physician regarding the issue they are facing and also show them the reports.

Also, they should discuss each and every small medical history detail with the physician so that they can check whether the medicine is safe for you are not. Now, as suggested by the physician, you should start consuming the dose as soon as possible, and before making any kind of change in the nose, it is suggested to you that you should consult the physician.

Popular Medicine For ED Solutions:

Mechanism of action:

The mechanism of action is very simple and is related to medicine. As we all know that the flow of information in the body is completed through the neurons by forming some synapses in which the chemical name serotonin helps. But one should think that if there is no serotonin available, then how the information is going to flow in the body.

This means that with the slowdown of the information in the body, the ejaculation that is going to happen gets delayed, and one gets rid of the issue of premature ejaculation. Depression is also treated in the same way by this medicine. As the flow of information decreases, one is unable to process any depressing thoughts, and for a period of time, they get relief.

Now you must be thinking about how this process is going to happen. For this, the medicine is going to enter the body, and the salts get dissolved. This salt is going to start its action in the brain area by increasing the absorption of serotonin in the brain. The stability of serotonin at the synapse is going to decrease, and the medicine is successful in showing its action.

There is a whole list of side effects that are related to the dapoxetine medicine as per the clinical trials. It is not necessary that each and every person is going to notice the side effects in the body. There are a few situations like taking an overdose of the medicine or some disruption in the body due to which the side effects happen in the body. It is important that everyone should know about the side effect; that is why they have discussed all of them below in detail-

  • Very fast, and the common side effect that can happen due to dapoxetine consumption are headache, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Some people can notice that they are going through issues of runny nose and stiffness in the chest.
  • In many cases, a person is noticed suffering from dizziness and drowsiness due to the dapoxetine.
  • Sometimes tremors can also happen due to this medicine.
  • A person has been noticed to sweat more than normal when they have taken medicine.
  • Sometimes a person may also face the issue of abdominal disruptions due to medicine like indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Some people are noticed to face the issue of erectile dysfunction when taking the dapoxetine medicine.
  • Fatigue starts commonly happening in the body of people taking medicine. This can be partnered along with muscle stiffness and pain many times.
  • A person is noticed to face the issue of sleep deprivation and the whole change in the sleep cycle.

Precautions and warnings before using:

  • You have to be completely transparent with the physician that you are meeting for discussion regarding the issue as they are going to check your safety whether the medicine is suitable for your body or not.
  • Never take medicine an amount more than suggested by the physician you are consulting. Also tried to take medicine at least 2 to 3 hours before the sexual intercourse.
  • Never consume alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and marijuana with the medicine if you do not want to suffer from serious side effects.
  • Any person who is suffering from a major heart and lungs issue is suggested not to take this medicine.
  • To drive a vehicle or run heavy machinery is not safe. That is why you are suggested to never perform such activities.

Where to buy Dapoxetine at the best rate?

Now when you know each and every single detail regarding the dapoxetine medicine, then it’s time for a very important question of where you should buy this medicine. Now the medicines are prescription-based, and one should keep in mind that no matter how one thinks of buying the medicine, the prescription is mandatory. According to us, you should always try to buy the medicine through a trusted online source. The reason behind us is that they are going to offer the medicine at the best price possible without compromising a bit with the quality of the medicine.


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