Vidalista- A Pill That Can Make You Forget Your Male Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction

Every male in the house should be known to have a dysfunctional male disease named erectile dysfunction, and the reason behind this is most of them are suffering from it. Yes, you have got it right. Almost 50% of people in this world are suffering from the issue, and most of them don’t even have an idea that they have erectile dysfunction. Yes, people are secretly suffering from the issue because of a lack of knowledge, and this causes an increase in the levels of this issue.

But now you don’t need to take much stress about the issue. No matter at what stage of the issue you are in, there is a sure short treatment present in the world in the form of tablets. Yes, there are various medicinal salts that can help out a male in getting rid of the issue they are facing, like VidalistaSildenafil citrateAvanafilVardenafil, etc. But if we see the salt which is superior out of all of them, then it is Vidalista. So, are you excited to know more about medicine and gain some basic knowledge of erectile dysfunction?
So, let us get started by the erectile dysfunction first, and step by step, we will give you all the important details about the medicine that can help you choose that it is best for you or not.

What is male erectile dysfunction?

Answering the first and very common question in your mind, erectile dysfunction is that issue in which the penile region of the person is affected. All the functionality of the penis in sexual activity is affected by this disease. The symptoms of the issue are two in total. The first one is that the male is unable to gain a proper erection. It is soft in nature, and the reason behind it is less flow of blood in the penis. This is mainly happening due to PDE that attaches to the blood vessels and narrows them.

The next is premature ejaculation. The stamina of the person decreases manifolds, and they are unable to hold the erection for a much longer time. Now both of the issues are serious, and when they increase, then it surely leads to dissatisfaction among couples. This is also a reason for the separation of many couples or creating distance between them. But this is not going to happen anymore. The reason behind this is a medicine that has come to rescue your relationship and give you better results.

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What is Vidalista?

Vidalista is an allopathic medicine that is known as a vasodilator belonging to the category of PDE type 5 inhibitor class. The main task of the medicine is to block out the PDE that is stopping the flow of blood to the penis and make the situation normal. For this, the salt present in this small pill is Tadalafil which comes in various power that is 20, 40, and 60mg. The medicine is going to show its action within an hour, and after that, you will forget that you had erectile dysfunction ever.

Vidalista Dosages

The dose of Vidalista medicine is not so complicated as the manufacturers have anyways mentioned it as one in a day. But as we have studied above that, some people may reach higher levels of the issue due to lack of knowledge. That is why the physician is going to take charge and tell you whether the medicine is safe or not and also how much you should take?

When a physician is suggesting all this stuff, then ask them to fix a time of medicine consumption also for better action. Al you need to do is take that prescription to the physician and ask them to give the medicine and follow all the instructions given by the physician.

How does the Vidalista tablet work?

The medicine work is simple when you know that what actually causes erectile dysfunction. You must have heard of the term PDE type 5 above, which is inhibited by the medicine. But do you know what the real reason for ED is? Is the stressful life we all are living, and the habits we are opting for are gross? Due to this, there are higher chances that our cardiac and pulmonary systems get affected. That is why as a safety purpose, the body releases PDE.

But when the stress increases, then this PDE starts attaching to the penile veins also which is the initiation of erectile dysfunction. Now, as the tablets move inside the body, it reaches to lower abdomen area and find out the PDE. after that attachment happens and the veins start getting back to this normal size. This means that the flow of blood is going to get normal to the penis, and the erection will be harder.

After that comes the time to improve the second issue of premature ejaculation. For this, the salt Tadalafil gives rise to the cGMP. It is going to make blood stay in the penis for more time than you would have ever experienced in your lifetime. Also, it makes a few contractions in penile muscles, which makes it more spacious for blood, and erection gets harder. This will lead to proper erection in the penis and bring back the satisfaction that one is missing in their sexual life.

Is Vidalista complete cure for ED?

The next question most people have is about the permanency of the Vidalista tablet. To this, the answer is clear that NO the medicine is not a complete cure. Till the time the body is under the effect of the medication, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction will stay away from the penis. But as soon as the effect ends, the person will face the same issue. But there is an upside of the Vidalista tablet, and that is the time period of its effect. The medicine, when entering into the body, is going to be effective for like 36 hours which is pretty long. If you are looking for a permanent solution, then either it is exercise and a proper diet or penis implants.

How to take Vidalista (Tadalafil) tablets?

To take Vidalista, there are only a few ground rules. They are:-

  • First of all, you should not chew or bite the tablet as this is a very commonly committed mistake. It would help if you only gulped in liquid substances like water.
  • Food can or can not be taken with the Vidalista medicine, but a better choice is to have light food.
  • Take medicine one hour in advance of having sexual activity. This is for the sake of better working of the medicine.

Which Vidalista Precautions should you take?

There are some main issues that can be caused by the Vidalista medicine, due to which you need to take some precautions. They are discussed here, and you should fix them in the back of your mind if you are a medicine consumer.

  • The doctor needs to have full knowledge about how and what kind of medication you are going through and your allergies also.
  • You should store the medicine in the proper dark and cool environment, which is dry.
  • After you take medicine, ensure that you don’t drive or operate machinery due to side effects.
  • It would help if you had plenty of water when you are treated with Vidalista.
  • The advanced time period of medicine consumption should be considered properly.
  • Remember that a slight overdose of medicine can cause various side effects. That is why take it responsibly and on time.

Side Effects of Vidalista

The side effects of Vidalista medicine can be from moderate to intense also. That is why you should know about all of them so that if any one of them happens by chance, then you can take action.

  • Being nauseous is one of the most common side effects of the medicine, apart from headaches. You can notice them very commonly.
  • You will also notice a blurriness in front of your eyes which can be a big issue.
  • Your nose can be runny when you are consuming Vidalista.
  • Muscle pain and cramps may happen when you take Vidalista.
  • Your sleeping schedule can be widely disturbed by this medicine.
  • Dizziness and drowsiness can also be noticed commonly.
  • You may notice that erection may stay for a longer time than you are expecting, and you may have to face the consequences.
  • Abdomen pain is also common, and this is accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting.

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