My boyfriend suffers from ED What to do To make a Relationship Strong

When erectile dysfunction problems experience by men for the first time, they will be surprised and confused about this condition. Firstly it might be difficult for them to accept the situation, and sometimes they deny to accept it. However, men who have experienced this condition before might have become more worried about their relationship and sexual life with their partner when it occurs out of nowhere, affecting them and their sexual partners because it is a concern of both.

However, some men may find it difficult to initiate a convo about their erectile dysfunction problem with their partners. And all these insecurities and loss of confidence sometimes broke their support and greatly impacted their romantic relationship with their partners with erectile dysfunction.

It is usual to accept that it might happen due to a lack of sexual desire or interest. If this is a part of the problem, then it might fade away by putting some extra effort into your sexual relationship, but this is not the case in the erectile dysfunction condition.

The ultimate way men and their partners face this erectile dysfunction problem is to learn and accept that their bodies have some deficiency and can be treated under proper medical guidance with medicinal treatments like Fildena 100mg, Sildenafil.

Try to gain knowledge about ED:

If your partner has erectile dysfunction, then your contribution in helping them also matters. The first thing you have to do is learn as much as you can about the erectile dysfunction problem and its related things. Because the more you learn about it, the better you will be mentally and physically prepared to help your partner.  You must strive to learn about the root causes of erectile dysfunction and encourage your partner that this condition can be treated by bringing some lifestyle changes and opting for medicinal treatments like Fildena 100mg, Sildenafil. You must try to communicate with your partner and motivate them that it is not an embarrassing condition, but a common disease nowadays. Encourage them to come forward and look for the treatment ask them to get medical attention and provide entire support to them. If your partner is smoking or consuming alcohol, immediately ask them to stop and bring a healthy diet routine to their lifestyle. Moreover, suggest that they go for therapy sessions, and it would be helpful if you go along with them. Because if you are with your partner at every step, you will be precise about erectile dysfunction condition and accord with your partner, which will boost their confidence and reassure them that both are in this together.

Learning About Erectile Dysfunction:

To prove that you are a supportive partner, you must thoroughly learn about erectile dysfunction and how it impacts your partner’s body. If you are struggling to initiate the conversation because of a lack of experience, gathering some new information regarding it can be helpful to get the convo started. Moreover, if you have enough information in your hand, it will be easy to avoid the misconception that may impact your relationship in the first place. Besides all these still, you are uncomfortable having a proper interaction with your partner; you can opt for a qualified therapist, a supportive medical counselor, or a sex educator; they can help to avoid your misconception and answer your questions directly

Understanding Erections:

Erectile dysfunction condition is mainly related to the erection. When a man undergoes erectile dysfunction issues, they find it challenging for having a firm and prolonged erection. So the foremost thing to do is understand the erection. Erection happens when the bloodstream to the clitoral of penile tissue, which makes the men experience an erection.

If they are suffering from sexual challenges, the penis cannot get hard as they desire. Moreover, people of all ages and genders with all genital types can experience erection. Therefore there is a chance to experience erectile dysfunction. Still, most people associate with the inability term to attain or maintain a penis erection that is robust enough for ejaculation or penetrative sex.

But young people need to know that experiencing this is normal. Therefore despite men having erectile dysfunction, their sexual drive can still be high and same, so partners should not assume this as they are disinterest or avoiding them.

Stay positive in Relationship:

Both men and their partners need to stay positive during this erectile dysfunction condition. It is possible by interacting and understanding requirements of one another. It will help you how to achieve it. The foremost thing you have to keep in mind is that erectile dysfunction is a medical condition, a common deficiency that can be treated.

Once you address the issue, you can look after the new ways to reach an expecting level of sexual intimacy by finding new ways through experimenting with your partner. Moreover, you can also so take the help of couple’s therapies to discover new methods of eroticism.

All these experiments will help you and your partners to stay positive and overcome this challenging condition.

Problem-Solving Together in Relationship:

Some men with erectile dysfunction problems prefer their own space and privacy when learning more about their body condition and sexuality. Moreover, the ideal option during ED is to be open with your partner’s including during their discovery process. Because having equal contribution in this situation might help stay close to each other, which is most important at the time of ED.

Besides the body condition, the erectile dysfunction issue can also be a symptom of an interpersonal problem in a relationship. It is a serious concern if relationship pressure is a contributing factor. But communication is the key, and most importantly, you must consider having a crystal clear talking session with your partner about the interpersonal dynamics so that both have a chance to address their issues.

During the communication, it will be reassuring for both to learn both perspectives about their relationship. It will assist in understanding that this is not a cause for erectile dysfunction. But if it is an interpersonal problem, then discussing it will prevent it from creating a further issue in a relationship.

Moreover, they have to solve together by opting for other methods if they consider that erection is the important part sexually for both. The ideal solution is injections, creams, and pills that can all initiate an erection. All this will help to minimize the stress that someone feels associated with during the sexual performance.

Moreover, both partners can help each other keep track of patterns that arise to help discover the ideal time of day for connecting; they must look for other others stimulation techniques and preferred positions, and other factors that might enhance an erection.

Offer to go with them to the doctor:

It would be helpful if you motivate your partner to stop feeling guilty about erectile dysfunction and come forward to get treated. So while visiting the doctor, you should go with them to the therapy session even if they decide to go off. Because it is discovered that most of the cases of erectile dysfunction are effectively treated if their partners have an equal contribution. It will reassure your man that if you are with them to support and boost their confidence. They will muse grateful that you are there for them to face these challenging issues.

Have more than one intimate part of the relationship:

There are more than one ways to keep the intimacy in your relationship alive, and feeling close to each other is important because it can contribute more than sex. You must invoke that sex alone is not a part of intimacy.

Moreover, there is also another solution you may look after to for a counselor to seek help if the changes related to erectile dysfunction or keeping you and your partner worried

Adjust your Relationship Sex life

When men address erectile dysfunction, their partner needs to accept the changes and adjust in their sexual lives. Both have to work harder to satisfy each other in other ways to feel valued equally and not feel pressured to perform. Because during this stagnant situation, it is crucial to create an erotic environment and bring sexual intimacy back into the relationship.

By trying various other stuff, you must not accept to experience and instant eroticism with your partner because things take time. But you must not lose confidence and get him in the mood by engaging him in an erotic conversation about his ideal condition for being sexual. All this will greatly contribute to having a proper adjustment in your sex life.

Causes of Low Libido in Men

There are various causes of low libido in men. Few of the important causes and methods to avoid this issue includes:

  •         Low Testosterone

If men have low testosterone levels, it may affect their sexual life because the sexual drive could decrease and lead to erectile dysfunction problems. But there are treatments through which testosterone levels can keep in control, so users must seek doctor attention to get suitable treatment

  •         Depression:

Depression is a common symptom when men have erectile dysfunction problems. So through many ways, the depression can be controlled by communicating with the partner or having therapy sessions with a psychiatrist.

  •         Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness like heart, liver, and Kidney disease is common in erectile dysfunction. But in most cases, it is temporary. However, men with chronic illness must discuss with the doctor before initiating the treatment for ED

  •         Stress and Sleep Disorders

Stress and sleep disorders can greatly contribute to the erectile dysfunction problem. So no matter what, you must strive not to change your sleeping cycle and not stress yourself at this condition. Moreover, if you can’t help, you must seek medical attention

  •         Lifestyle Factors

During erectile dysfunction bringing changes to their lifestyle can greatly influence the ED problems. You should do regular exercise and have a healthy diet with a strict timetable.

  •         Alcohol and drug use

If you are committed to drug usage or alcohol consumption, you must quit immediately. Because once you start the treatment for ED, then the pill you intake severely interact with alcohol

  •         Too much (or too little) exercise

Ensure you follow the routine exercises but do not put too much stress on practice heavy exercises; just a little bit may contribute more.

  •         Obesity

Obesity can trigger erectile dysfunction, so avoid high-fat foods then keep your weight in control

  •         Smoking:

Quit smoking immediately if you habit using it because it may significantly impact your erectile dysfunction issue.


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