Erectile Dysfunction and Your Age: Is It Inevitable?

Erectile dysfunction is a male disorder that is said to happen once in a while in every man’s life. When it comes to men, then they have very little knowledge about the subject matter that is why they are not able to figure out that they have erectile dysfunction or not. When they notice symptoms of erectile dysfunction like softer erections and premature ejaculation, then they assume that it is normal what is happening due to their age which can be true.

According to the stats, it is noticed that most males between the age of 30 and 40 years are also facing this issue. This shows that the relation of erectile dysfunction with the age of the person is not always the cause for it. There can also be other reasons which can become a reason for erectile dysfunction. Still, we have discussed the issue of electric dysfunction and its inevitability in detail in the latter portion of this blog. So, if you are looking for the answer to the question, then you must go through the complete information.

Is erectile dysfunction inevitable?

The answer to the question that erectile dysfunction is inevitable or not is yes. Erectile Dysfunction is an inevitable and unstoppable disease which most often happens to every male at one or point in time. But it is not necessary that one has to live with this deadly issue of erectile dysfunction.

Many kinds of treatments are available in the market for getting rid of the issue of erectile dysfunction. All one needs to do is select which treatment is going to suit their needs the best. But before that, it’s time that you need to figure out that what erectile dysfunction is in detail and what is the main reason why you have erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

As we have discussed above, dysfunction is a male disorder in which the main sexual organ that is the penis, is highly affected. There are two changes that a normal person and a person who has erectile dysfunction have. One is that the person is not able to erect properly during their sexual activities even after proper arousal, and the second is premature ejaculations. It is an issue in which the stamina of the person decreases, and the time period for which they stay up in the bed also decreases, which means that they inseminate faster than they normally used to do.

Due to these issues, a person is going to notice sexual dissatisfaction in his and her partner’s life, and also so they are noticed to be very less willing to take part in the sexual activities, which indirectly means lower libido levels. Now, if we look into the details of the reasons that why a person has erectile dysfunction, then there can be several reasons which are listed below-

  • The first and the most common reason for suffering from erectile dysfunction is none other than a very bad lifestyle. The person is consuming, their work-life balance and also stress in their life leads to activation of PDE and hence erectile dysfunction.
  • If a person is having any major heart issue, then also there are chances that they may have erectile dysfunction.
  • If a person has any physical injury or damage on or near the primary sexual organ of a male, then also there are chances that they have erectile dysfunction.
  • Patients with diabetes and high blood pressure also have a great chance of having erectile dysfunction in life.
  • The final reason behind erectile dysfunction, which happens mostly with the aging of a person, is a lowering of the level of testosterone. When the age of person increases and one enters in their mid to old age, then they notice a substantial decrease in their testosterone levels. Due to this also they are unable to produce and sustain a proper erection and sexual desire.

The link between aging and ED

Those who think that there is a link between aging and erectile dysfunction are going on the very right track. It is not true that every age person is going to notice erectile dysfunction in their life but with age most the males notice a decrease in the level of testosterone due to which they start going through the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

But it is not necessary for them also to live with these symptoms forever. If they are willing to, then they can also get rid of these issues in their life. If statistical seen, then more than 40% of people who have crossed the age of 45 and more than 60% of people who have crossed the age of 60 are suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments:

You don’t have to live with ED.

As we have discussed above that, it is not necessary to live with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction forever. Earlier, people used to suffer from these issues less because they were very less prone to such situations, and their health was fine. But nowadays the issues have increased a lot and with that also increases the treatment options.

Now, it’s your choice that which is the one treatment option that you are going to adopt for yourself. If we categorize them broadly, then they are organic and medical treatment that is performed with the help of physicians.

Consider your treatment options.

The treatment options that are available right now for erectile dysfunction are-

  • Change in the whole lifestyle that you are living in the first treatment option that you can adopt. This is an organic option in which the changes you have to make will be regarding your food, your work-life balance, the stress you bear, and introduce exercise to your daily routine.
  • The second option is to consume medicines that are approved by FDA. Here also so you will find plenty of salt options that are SildenafilVardenafilTadalafil, and Avanafil. Now which salt is best for you is either the decision taken by you or by your physician. So do your research properly.
  • After that comes the option of electric pumps. In this, there is a hollow cylindrical tube that is to be placed on the primary sexual organ that you have to turn on the pump, which will help to bring the blood into the penis. After you notice an erection, you have to place a ring on the root of the penis in order to maintain that erection.
  • The next option is to get operated on with some inflatable implants. According to your choice, you can choose to inflate those implants, which will help increase the length and girth of the penis.
  • The option of replacement testosterone in your body is also available. With the help of operation, the hormone present in our body d is totally replaced, which is going to give you relief from the issue.
  • The final option is to get a transplant operation. In this, your set of penis and testicles is replaced by a new and functional set.

When to seek erectile dysfunction help, and what treatments are there?

If you are not seeing the issue of erectile dysfunction for a smaller period of time, then there is no issue in that as there can be many temporary reasons behind this happening. But in case you are not saying that the issue has been persisting for a very long period now and is increasing day by day, then it is the right time to visit the physician and ask them for help.

When you are going to the physician, then they are going to ask each and every single detail and also run some tests on a body. After that, they are going to see that which is the best treatment option for your body and will recommend you to that one option. The final decision will be in the hand of the patient that whether or not they are going to get the treatment done, but they should know that every treatment discussed above is safe and is approved by the government bodies.


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