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sildenafil citrate online

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, most people out there know the fact that sildenafil citrate is the best medicine that can serve its purpose. This one medicine has a perfect balance of time it takes to activate its salt, the time period for which the salt stays in the body, and quality. The result generated by this particular salt is the best in class and is also the most reliable because this was the first Sildenafil invented in the form of viagra medicine for getting rid of erectile dysfunction, way before in the past. Moreover, a person should know that the medicine is only available if you have an eligible prescription written by a physician.

Earlier there were only pharmaceutical shops from which you could buy these medicines but the time has changed now. Now there are many other options in the form Generic Meds USA online websites that are available for a person to buy the medicine. This has created huge confusion among the people and what they should probably do. That is why we are creating a detailed blog about the generic Viagra available in the market, which is going to answer all the basic questions you have.

Generic Viagra: A guide to cheap Viagra online

It is a common fact that you must know that the very first medicine that has been invented for erectile dysfunction under the category of PDE type 5 inhibitor is none other than Viagra. It was mistakenly invented when the scientists at Pfizer were working for hypertension-related medicine and saw that medicine they have formed has also shown some great results when it comes to erectile dysfunction issues. The medicine, when rolled out in the market, was pretty costly and was not in the range of a common person.

That is why there are many other companies who have started producing the medicine with the same salt that is Sildenafil citrate and selling them at low prices. All these medicines which are not Viagra but have the same working potential are known as Generic Viagra. The salt is Sildenafil citrate, and the amount which is present in those medicines is either 50 mg, 100 mg, or 200 mg.

Here Are The Most Famous Sildenafil Meds Online:-

Fildena 100   |  Cenforce 100  |  Fildena 150  |  Cenforce 200  |  Kamagra Oral Jelly

How is generic Viagra (Sildenafil) different from brand-name Viagra?

The generic Viagra is known as the bioequivalent of the Viagra medicine, which means that their composition is the same as that of Viagra. The only difference you are going to notice is the brand name that is generic Viagra is not sold under Pfizer. Moreover, there is a huge price difference between both of these medicines. The main aim of the generic Viagra, a.k.a. Sildenafil, is to make it available to the common people who are seeking the same results. Apart from that, there is a special blue coating that makes Viagra different from others and also helped it get the name of the blue pill.

Buying Safely Online

Now comes the turn of a very important question that is whether buying the medicine online is safe or not.  To all such people, it is very important to know that they should now opt to buy the medicine online but along with keeping some safety measures. Those safety measures are:-

  • First of all, you must check out that the website you are buying from is a legitimate one. For that, you must check whether it is licensed or not.
  • After that, you should go through the reviews of the website and the quality of medicine they are offering. Many times it happens that when a person is thinking of buying medicine, then they take the decision on the basis of price and people loot them. That is why checking reviews are really important.
  • If the website is offering the medicine without prescription as it is illegal. FDA has only approved the buying of medicine if you have a proper prescription. Otherwise, those who are found buying and selling medicine without prescription can be charged with fines.
  • If you have any friend who is also suffering from the same issue and may have ordered the medicine online, then you can take a suggestion from them also.
  • While making a payment on the website, always check that the transactions are end-to-end encrypted or not. This is important for maintaining your privacy and saving your card details from any fraudsters.
  • Always check whether the website is offering you proper privacy pr not. The reason behind this is many people are secretive when it comes to such sexual issues.

Can I buy Viagra over the counter?

Nope, buying the medicine over the counter is not an option in the case of Viagra. The medicine is approved on the condition that a person should be allied to take medicine if they have a prescription that is beneficial for patients only. This way, you are going to run through your issue to your physician and also get it checked from them whether the medicine is safe for your consumption or not. In many cases, it happens that a person is allergic to the salt present in PDE type 5 medicine or is taking other medicines are substances that can interact badly with Viagra. The physician will give you a prescription as well as guidelines for checking the safety and consumption of medicine.

Other uses of Viagra

Most people think that if someone is taking Viagra, then it is probably for the issue of erection dysfunction, which is a myth. There are other issues also which can be resolved with the help of Viagra consumption. Want to know what issues are those? Read below.

  • There is an issue related to the prostate gland in which it starts swelling abruptly and poses major issues to the body in peeing and having sex. This issue is known as benign Prostate Hyperplasia and can be cured with the help of Viagra medicine. Yes, the salt can help in decreasing the swelling of the gland and the issue eventually.
  • The libido levels, which are also known as the urges of having sex, can also get affected when a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction. But with regular consumption of medicine, the level of libido also starts increasing.

The medicine is also very helpful in the cases of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Many physicians sideline the medicine, but the results generated by it are as good as other medicines available in the market.


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